nationwide presence

We offer nationwide pickup and recycling service. We manage the removal and recycling of obsolete computers and equipment. We recycle outdated hardware, donate computers to charity, refurbish and upgrade computer systems for redeployment and facilitate employee help programs as well.

What if you could have a uniform recycling and asset disposition program anywhere in the country with a single point of accountability, timely reporting with the same look and feel regardless of location, and the knowledge that you never had to worry again about the material you just disposed of?

Our mission is to provide our clients with the most secure and cost effective recycling and investment recovery options available anywhere. We recycle the broadest range of electronics in the industry. Our employees all pass background checks prior to joining us. Employees must also be certified to strict security standards. If your equipment is newer and has value we’ll help you get the most out of it. Through our team of experts and process techs we have developed proprietary methods to help you make your asset disposition processes the absolute best they can be. Whatever your challenge we can work with you to develop the right solution.