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eRecyc is a unique service for the pre-collection packing, transport, recycling and obtaining highest financial return for your End of Life IT hardware equipment. Logistics, data security, disposal and environmental issues all have to be considered. With global accreditations, eRecyc leads in the transport, management of used or retired IT hardware and proper disposal through appropriate environmentally sound channels.

Online Quotation
All our clients are provided with a detailed quotation based on what stock is achieving in the market right now with a financial certainty.

Fast Tracking
Collected items will be visible to you using our protected online tracking system where you will see all the asset reports, destruction certificates and process in detail.

Hard Drive Destruction
Hard Drives Shredding or Multiple Passes Data Erasure is carried out using NIST 800-88 standards. All the asset tags and stickers are removed from the hardware to obstruct the possibility of any future criminal or civil action.

Asset Reports
Comprehensive asset report can be seen online on our database. Any future queries can be quickly and easily dealt with.

Maximum Recovery
Highest financial return is always guaranteed. Our sales team has more than hundreds of potential buyers locally and overseas to make sure that you get the best and maximum outcome from your unwanted computer hardware.

Unique Sales Channel
eRecyc own the selling facilities overseas and deal with buyers directly which empower us to achieve the highest rebate for used IT equipment. We utilize specifically targeted sale channels based on item condition assessment and demand. A recently conducted survey proved eRecyc sales pricing to be better in terms of providing the highest financial return as compared to other vendors.

Save Money on Deployment
We enable our clients to reduce their administration and management costs for the deployment process. With eRecyc, you save minimum 20% of your IT solutions.

Grow Mutually
eRecyc generates more revenue than the competitors with no extra charges, allowing your business to grow as well as bringing the cost of new IT equipment down.

Globally there is roughly forty million metric tons of electronic waste produced each year and only fifteen percent of that weight is recycled in environmentally friendly manner. Informal recycling markets handle more than half of this e-waste often shredding, burning and dismantling the products. Toxic emissions from these recycling practices are damaging not only human health but our environment too.

The Basel Convention on the control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their disposal bans the exchange of hazardous waste, including e-waste between developed and developing countries. The United States of America is the largest generator of e-scrap worldwide and the only industrialized nation who signed the Basel Convention.


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