IT Asset Disposal

Our R2v3 Sustainable Electronics, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 Certification ensures high standards. While some vendors handle IT hardware returns as separate transactions, it falls upon them to streamline the process from return initiation to final disposal, redeployment, or resale. This entails various tasks such as gathering used, damaged, outdated, or unwanted hardware, managing obsolete equipment, and recovering assets

After gathering a product, there are numerous choices available for its disposal. If the product remains unused, it can be sold to a different customer or disposed of through appropriate channels. If it doesn't meet the required quality for either of these routes, it undergoes environmentally friendly recycling. eRecyc has established a structured process to aid clients with their IT hardware disposal needs. We anticipate crafting a reverse logistics strategy specifically suited to your individual needs.

Onsite Decommissioning Services

Delivery to eRecyc Premises

Using our extensive national fleet, we will collect assets from any location in the USA and securely transport them back to our warehouse. The services include:

Asset Registration

On receipt at our premises, asset details and specifications are recorded in our asset management system, and all items are barcoded and logged for tracking and reporting purposes. The registration process consists:


Hard Drive Shredding & Data Sanitization

We shred the hard drives both on and offsite. Other options include 3-pass wiping to NIST 800-88 standards with verification.

Environmental & Occupational Health

eRecyc understands our clients obligations to operate in a way that advances sustainability and mitigates environmental impact. Our goal is to ensure that we assist our clients in meeting their commitments to improve their environmental performance. All assets that test faulty or, by agreement, have no commercial value will be disposed of in accordance with environmental best practices with no input into landfills. eRecyc provides reports certifying the details of all assets that have been environmentally disposed of.

Remarketing and Redeployment Services

All assets that pass testing, can be:

Asset Audits

As part of an ongoing asset management process, it may be necessary to conduct physical asset audits. Following an agreed scope of work plan, audit staff will prepare a schedule to visit all nominated sites to locate and record agreed asset details of specified equipment. Barcode stickers can also be attached and recorded during the audit. On completion, a final report in the agreed format is produced.