IT Asset Value Recovery

For years, we have been committed to providing the most secure and environmentally compliant IT hardware recycling services for companies experiencing changes in their IT equipment needs. We enable our clients to focus on growing their business because they have us to help get rid of their old, obsolete, end-of-life computers and e-waste

Value recovery is a key component of our IT asset recycling services. Our sales channel promises full satisfaction, reassurance with our services, and the best financial return. eRecyc global recognition helps provide the highest financial return. The gear deemed to not be working in its present form is dismantled and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. We will purchase or remarket all assets that pass the test and have value in the used wholesale market.

Our extensive remarketing experience and network of business partners and accredited buyers ensure you will receive the maximum return on all your valuable assets. We buy all types of used and surplus IT assets, computer hardware, and data center equipment. If you have specific questions or would like to know more about our process, please feel free to contact us.

The corporate objective is to become a business partner and the supplier of choice for our clients. Our certified experts have set the standard for excellence in e-waste disposal. Specialized in e-cycling end-of-life and end-of-lease IT equipment, we are R2v3 Sustainable Electronics Reuse & Recycling, ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Certified.

We are proud, trusted business partners and advisors to a number of corporate incorporations globally. We provide quality at a competitive price within the required time frames by spending time and effort with clients to understand the scope of the project. With proven expertise to provide an end-to-end ITAD service, our project solution offers a one-stop shop consisting of onsite deployment and relocation, hardware configuration, scheduled or ongoing support, certified on- or off-site data cleansing, asset management, decommissioning, disposal, and maximum financial reimbursement.

Understanding the scope of our client's IT projects, we provide quality and deliver within the required time frame. The dedication is to our customers and clients:



Accepting a wide variety of used equipment from all major brand names, we process used computer equipment in our nationwide facilities. With highly experienced employees, we have the knowledge and expertise to securely manage the transition of your end-of-life equipment into new hands by having it affordably refurbished or, in cases where equipment cannot be salvaged, environmentally and responsibly recycled.

We also work to convey the best profit for your surplus gear. Our facility is operated under a management system that provides a mechanism for developing, documenting, implementing, and reviewing operations and assures that all focus materials are processed to meet SERI standards. The policy has been established to be appropriate to the purpose, size, context, nature, scale, environmental impacts, and EH&S Management System risks and opportunities of the organization’s activities and services in accordance with the scope of the EH&SMS. We are committed to:

The EH&SMS policy is communicated within the organization through training and postings. It is available to the interested parties as defined in the communication procedure.

Assignment of Responsibility and Authority:

It is our policy that whenever a procedure or work instruction assigns responsibility and authority for the performance of a task, the responsible party may delegate the performance of the task to anyone they choose, provided they ensure that the: